Red & Blue Slushies with Star Sliders

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Leah Nolan

It’s time to get your red, white and blue on! Kick your barbeque up a notch (and your rad mom status) when you serve Red & Blue Slushies with Star Sliders. This adorable lunch with have your littles feeling super patriotic and they will have the energy to stay up for the fireworks. To make the slushies we used our new KitchenAid blender from Williams-Sonoma. It’s the most powerful blender on the market, which made creating these slushies a snap! We see a lot of frozen drinks in our future this summer. When cooler temps arrive the fun won’t stop, the blender also has a thermal control jar that allows us to make hot soup in less than 6 minutes (not that we want to think about winter). And did we mention it also has a self-cleaning cycle? We’re in love.

To make the sliders we used our trusty grill pan but we’ll definitely be moving the party outside this weekend and onto a real grill. Creating the star shapes for the buns was a super easy thanks to this set of cookie cutters. Once these two steps were complete, assembly was a breeze! My babe loves sticking her tiny hands into all the condiments and toppings to taste test before putting them on her burger. It’s incredible how she’s developing her own tastes (for food and fashion!). How are you celebrating the holiday with your family?

Photo Credit & Food Styling: Leah Nolan

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